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account question

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account question

Hi ,

In changing passwd "you may not reuse passwd" error occurs - how should we rectify - the clients wants to use the old passwd

thanks in advance
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James R. Ferguson
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Re: account question


You could try cycling through "temporary" passwords until you have exceeded the 'PASSWORD_HISTORY_DEPTH' in '/etc/default/security'. See the manpages for 'security(4)'.


Jim Walls
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Re: account question

You could do the following, asuming you have a trusted system:

# First un-expire the password
/usr/lbin/modprpw -v

# Unlock the username if it is locked
/usr/lbin/modprpw -k

# Set the password to never expire
/usr/lbin/modprpw -m mintm=0,exptm=0,lftm=0,expwarn=0

...or use SAM.
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Re: account question

Hi navin,

you can also do it by moving your secuity file and change the password and after changing, move the security back to its place.

# cd /etc/default
# mv security security.orig
# passwd
# mv security.orig security
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Re: account question

Hi Navin,

You can go thrpugh the file /etc/default/security and find some of the password policy is denying you to reuse the sam. You can either disable that option permanently by "vi".