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adding a printer

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adding a printer

hello all,
iam trying to add printer,which is on the network, in hp-ux 11.11. with no printer is configured on the system the following are the output of different commands.

scheduler is running
scheduler is not runnig
#lpstat -r
scheduler is not runnig
#ps -ef|grep lp
no output

why it is happening?
further when i issue the following lpadmin command

lpadmin -plipi -v/dev/null -mrmodel -ormlipi -orpps-1eb639-p1 -ocmrcmodel -osmrsmodel -ob3

it is giving the following error
cannot open member file
cannot open status file

can anybody tell me how to add the printer. the details as follows

printer IP:
printer port: ps-1eb639-p1
printer name: lipi

thanks in advance
Never Say No
Esteemed Contributor

Re: adding a printer


U follow these steps

First make sure that U are able to ping to the printer.. This just to confirm that Ur network connectivity is ok or not .. then

open sam and follow this

sam->printers and plotters->lp spooler->Printes and plotters->action->add printer

Here select network printer and give the rqd parameters care fully. Once U have done, come out of sam and do this

#lpstat -t

Make sure that ur printer scheduler is running and printer is enable and accepting the request. If not ok

#lpstat -t

#lp -d

Check up printout is coming or not

Best of luck
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Re: adding a printer


Try hp jetdirect to add a network printer,

Download it from the link and install the same. There is a readme which will help you.

Or you can download the older version, called jetadmin like this,

username : anonymous
password : your_email_address
cd /pub/networking/software
get HP11d621.SD (for hp 11.x)

Hope this helps.

Honored Contributor

Re: adding a printer

Hi Ravi

1. When you do a lpshut it stops the scheduler so that there cant be any lp process running , hence the output.

2.why it cant find the memeber is there no file defined in /usr/spool/lp/memeber witht that name . the absic command to add a printer is lapdmin -p -v/dev/null < device where the printer is connected /dev/null when the printer is on lan> -m

Do use the coomand w/o the other options and may be use jet admin to add a network printer

Manoj Srivastava

Respected Contributor

Re: adding a printer

when running through sam iam getting the following error.
The command "/usr/sam/lbin/lpmgr" was successful with the following
exception: lpstat: "lipi" not a request id or a destination lpstat: no entries lpstat: can't open output queue file
A potential problem occurred doing "accept lipi". Stderr from this
command is "/usr/sbin/accept: destination "lipi" non-existent".
A potential problem occurred doing "enable lipi". Stderr from this
command is "/usr/bin/enable: printer "lipi" non-existent".

pl suggest me what to do

Never Say No
Honored Contributor

Re: adding a printer

Hi Ravi

what is the o/p of lpstat -t , i believe that there some problem , why dont you just recreate a printer wiht another name then lipi , or delete the current one

lpadmin -xlipi

and then recreate it .

I would still prefer that you use jetadmin and that is not so sticky.

Manoj Srivastava
Honored Contributor

Re: adding a printer

Hi V.V

You are missing some directory or permission problem.


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