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kwang paick
Occasional Visitor


I upgraded sendmail to 8.9.3 using the patch PHNE_18979 to stop spamming. I thought anti-spam feature is a defualt on 8.9.3. I am still having this spamming. Would you please help me? what should I do to stop it?

Desperate guy from Texas
paul courry
Honored Contributor

Re: anti-spam

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James A. Donovan
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Re: anti-spam

You should have some documents under /usr/share/doc called "sendmail*". These documents should provide you with the information you need.
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Shannon Petry
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Re: anti-spam

Here you go.....
I have an entry in my sendmail.cf file like this:
# Access list database (for spam stomping)
Kaccess dbm -o /etc/mail/access
Kresolve host -a -T

I have a plain text file called /etc/mail/access.txt. The format is very simple.
host OK
domain REJECT

If the Domain is rejected, but you want to accept from A host, then the logic is top down. Reject the domain, then OK the host.

Then, use makedbm to create databases for access.
> cd /etc/mail
> /usr/bin/makedbm access.txt access

All I do is update this file with domains I dont want mail from. Seems like I was spammed by several hosts from taiwan, china, and the ukrain for some reason, as well as spam from hotmail.
I just blacklist them in my access file, run makedbm and then use kill -HUP the sendmail process.

The sendmail web site has tons of nice info for spam stomping. Go to www.sendmail.org for loads of reading.

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Re: anti-spam

Need advice of removing spy and spam along tracking how to fix that??