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apache problem

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apache problem

I have RHEL enterprises 3 with apache2.0

1)i want to open one particular folder through access web browser

2) i configured in httpd.conf

Options FollowSymLinks

AllowOverride None

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Restricted Files"
AuthUserFile /usr/local/apache/passwd/passwords
Require user test

3) if iam opening http://localhost/test2
it asking username passwd (if i am entered wrong passwd it is saying wrong user name & passwd)
4) once i enterd the user name passwd correct it is accpeting
After that it is showing

You don't have permission to access /test2/ on this server.

pls any one help me sorry for the poor english
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Re: apache problem

Try adding Indexes to your options:

Options FollowSymLinks Indexes
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Re: apache problem


Missing information to solve this.

What is the root directory of the server in httpd.conf Perhaps post the whole file.

What does the .htaccess file say on this directory.

Permission from the OS on test2 can impact this problem.

What does the access_log and error_log say when you try and access?

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Re: apache problem


have u tried setting AllowOverride None to AllowOverride AuthConfig?



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Re: apache problem

Are you able to access any password restricted page behind that apache server?

Are there other realms that require passwords?
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Re: apache problem

Your container probably lacks an Allow rule because it inherits from the restrictive Root directory / permissions which I bet has an "Order allow,deny" entry.
This means that anything beneath / will automatically implicitly switch to deny all unless it finds a contradicting explicit Allow rule in the respective container.
So either change the Order in your AuthType Basic container to "Order deny,allow" (which implicitly falls back to allow all), or explicitly add an "Allow from all" or an IP address/network (range).
If you go for the IP address restriction and you want both Basic authentication *and* by source IP address access restrictions to take effect you also need to insert a "Satisfy all" into your container.
After having edited the changes to your httpd.conf send the master httpd a SIGUSR1 (graceful) or SIGHUP and retry accessing.
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