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audit error

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audit error

i have dcalss server with hpux 11.0
when i do audsys -n the result on screen :
current audit file /home1/audfile/auditfile1
filesystem exceeds minfree
auditing system unchanged
NB the home1 is free space 3GB
i try to specify an other filesystem and have some error
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Re: audit error

Hello CSP,

there is no concept of MINFREE on VxFS. Note that MINFREE on HFS was designed for HP-UX directories so that a full filesystem ona critical mountpoint would not prevent root from logging in. Unless you have auditing turned on, it usually is not an issue even with HFS. Having MINFREE does not prevent the filesystem from filling up! When a filesystem exceeds the MINFREE value, all applications and users see the filesystem as full. Only root sees the free space on the filesystem.

You may see if the fs is "vxfs" or "hfs' as you are using 11.00.

I guess if this is not pointing to "memory"
as you are getting the same error for all FS.

check the swap usage running swapinfo -tam

& RAM size running "dmesg |grep -i physical"

check top & glance as well to see max memory consuming processes.

minfree -- at this point, the system is deactivating processes due to memory crunches .

Please revert with the info it may help more.!!
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