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autofs_prog: duplicate request ignored

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autofs_prog: duplicate request ignored


I am getting these messages repeatedly on one of my nfs clients that has one AutoFS file system mounted for several months without any problems. My network interfaces on both client and server are set to 100fd. Both client and software are running HP-UX 11iv1.

The system does not display the login prompt, neither can I login via trusted ssh or rlogin from the nfs server or for that matter any other server.

I was able to login on the console and by mistake ran automount -v, and the console has since been appeared to be hung. ctrl+c does not work.

Both client and server are pingable on all configured interfaces.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

PS: Other hpux servers in the env. also have fs mounted using exact same parameters that this nfs client does.

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Re: autofs_prog: duplicate request ignored

boot in single usermode and check all /etc/auto* file should have all correct entry, you may compare it with your any other working good nfs client.
may also do bdf to check any file system goes full.

verify /etc/rc.config.d/namesvrs

reboot and see on what are the services failed while bootup if its failed on nfs client mounting then do set_parms initial to set all your enviroment parameter.

hope this will halp,
let me know .. thanks