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automated ftp

Occasional Contributor

automated ftp

is it possiable to do automated ftp from unix server to my local pc using cron jobs
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: automated ftp

Of course - Just do it. You may need to get a special ftp application for your PC, but if you can manually ftp you can automatically ftp.

Look for this option in the man page :

account [passwd]
Supply a supplemental password required by a remote system for access to resources once a login has been successfully completed. If no argument is included, the user will be
prompted for an account password in a non-echoing input mode.
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Steven Schweda
Honored Contributor

Re: automated ftp

> is it possiable [...]

Many things are possible, but it's easier to
say when the problem is described in
sufficient detail (which this one is not).

> [...] automated ftp [...]

FTP what? File transfers which way?
Controlled from which end?

> [...] from unix server to my local pc using
> cron jobs

You want the "cron" job to run on the UNIX
(HP-UX?) system or the (Windows?) PC?

Is there an FTP server running on the
(Windows?) PC? On the UNIX system?
Trusted Contributor

Re: automated ftp

Better to use SSH with restricted authorized keys, I've found, for automated file transfers.