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backup question

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backup question

hi ,

it is not the right forum. but if you know any realted info pls share with me - can u pls tell how the kill all option works on netbackup java GUI - after selecting a server by clicking on it and do a rigt click and "kill all " ..does it kill all the active backup jobs(on master server) .it seems with out selecting kill all option or kill option couple of our active jobs were killed with error code 150 - any idea - much appreciated
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Re: backup question

I am not familiar with the "kill all" option so I can't address that question directly, however error 150 means someone killed the job. You need to know who has access to NetBackup and determine who is killing jobs and why. You should probably contact Symantec support regarding the "kill all" question.

As per the NetBackup Troubleshooting Guide:
NetBackup status code: 150
Message: termination requested by administrator
Explanation: The process terminates (or has terminated) as a direct result of a
request from an authorized user or process.
Recommended action: None.

Hope that helps.

- R.