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boot problem ds20

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Oliver Wriedt
Valued Contributor

boot problem ds20

boot ends in single user mode with following errors:

Device not ready
Hard error detected
Hardware ID = 89
Active CCB at time of error
CCB request completed with error
NOT READY - logical unit is NOT ready
Can't open /dev/rdisk/dsk21c: I/O error
/dev/rdisk/dsk21c can't check filesystem
The following filesystem had an unexpected inconsitency /dev/rdisk/dsk21c (/ora_m31)
Unknown error in reboot.

I have a failed disk in our ESA which i am not able to fix for the moment.

How can i do a normal boot to multiuser runlevel ignoring this error?

Many thanks for your help on this!
Vladimir Fabecic
Honored Contributor

Re: boot problem ds20

Try this:
When in single user mode, do:
# mount -a
You will see which file systems are efected from error message.
Then edit /etc/fstab and comment mount entries for file systems that failed to mount with "mount -a".
As I can see you should comment entry for "/ora_m31".
Then you can do:
# init 3
or just reboot.

Hope it helps
In vino veritas, in VMS cluster
Oliver Wriedt
Valued Contributor

Re: boot problem ds20

Did it.

Thank you Vladimir!