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booting procedure for itanium server

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booting procedure for itanium server

Hi admins,

Please tell me the booting procedure for itanium servers

Yogesh M Puranik
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Re: booting procedure for itanium server


Please find the summery of boot process of Itanium servers attached with the mail.


Roopesh Francis_1
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Re: booting procedure for itanium server

After powering on the system will perform the Power On Self
Tests (POST) and then launch the EFI Boot Manager:
If no boot option is configured yet you may select EFI Shell [Build-in]. The device
mapping table will be displayed and the EFI shell script STARTUP.NSH will be executed:
From here you are able to switch to any other boot disk that has an EFI file system, e.g to
switch to fs1 type fs1:. In order to go back to the EFI boot manager menu type exit.
To continue, invoke the HP-UX boot loader. Itâ s an EFI executable (hpux.efi). EFI
executables (.efi) and EFI shell scripts (.nsh) can be invoked without specifying the
appendix. This is DOS like ;-)
fs2:\> hpux
Pressing any key at this point interrupts the 10 seconds autoboot timeout and invokes
the OS Loader hpux.efi in interactive mode. At the HPUX> prompt you have several
possibilities to interact, such as
Changing boot options:
HPUX> boot -is for single user mode
HPUX> boot -lq for LVM quorum mode
HPUX> boot -lm for maintenance mode boot
HPUX> boot -tm for failsave mode (no DLKMs etc,)
HPUX> boot backup for booting backup kernel configuration
HPUX> boot vmunix.prev for booting previous kernel

then system will boot normally as PA RISC

R.K. #
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Re: booting procedure for itanium server

Hi Himacs,

Following link refer the booting procedures in integrity servers:

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Kranti Mahmud
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Re: booting procedure for itanium server

Hi himacs,

Check the below link:

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