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Anyone have one updated version of the script cmpdisks for 11iv3?

# @(#)cmpdisks (2004-02-02) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
# check for latest revisions on xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
# history:
# 2004-02-02 optional usage of ssh (USE_SSH variable unset by default)
# 2004-01-29 xd(1) may fail to read from raw disks if UNIX95 is set
# 2002-11-27 added support for EFI partitions on IA64 systems
# 2002-11-27 removed -b option
# 2001-11-14 missing stderr redirection for a lssf command
# 2001-11-08 more stable handling of non-standard disk devices
# 2001-04-10 due to 10.01 problems we use now ksh for remote shells
# 2001-03-23 changed pvid/vgid type to unsigned
# 2001-03-21 added -f option for fastscan using ioscan S/N
# 2001-02-20 added support for VxVM disks
# 2000-06-18 new -b option for brief listing
# 2000-06-08 VGIDs found in lvmtabs are included
# 2000-06-05 new -g option; several other improvements
# 1999-10-23 initial distributed version; added VG information
# 1999-07-01 first usable version; simple VGID/PVID dump

I already check the ftp site no luck :S ..

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Re: cmpdisks

Ask the author. He will be very lucky to find his mail address posted on a public forum ...

Hope this helps!

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melvyn burnard
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Re: cmpdisks

I have removed the author's name and email address, also the ftp location.

This is an HP unsupported utility

If you really wish to have a copy, log a call with your local HP Response Centre
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