Re: crontab errors

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crontab errors

trying to do a crontab -e and i am getting this error?

$crontab -e
/usr/lib/hpux32/ Unable to find library ''.
crontab: can't create your crontab file in the crontab directory.


its only for a specific user, works fine for other people..root..other people allowed in cron.allow....


any help would be appreciated.


Patrick Wallek
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Re: crontab errors

What editor does this user have set?


echo $EDITOR


If it is set to something like 'vim', which is not a standard part of HP-UX, then the likely problem is that you are missing the library that is required by vim.


Set the editor for this user to 'vi'


export EDITOR=vi


and have them try the 'crontab -e' command again.  I bet it will work.

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Re: crontab errors

this was due to a special editor EPIC made us load not being loaded.

Sorry for wasting time but thanks..