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data corruption on P400 RAID10 array ??

Don M.
Occasional Contributor

data corruption on P400 RAID10 array ??

We had a 2 drive mirrored array on a DL385 G2 with a P400 controller. Both drives were reporting "predictive failure" and had the warning lights on. I replaced both drives sequentially while the system was running. After each rebuild the new drive also reported predictive failure. We then had a F.E. come out and replaced the disk backplane and the array controller. At boot time, the P400 BIOS reported some message about data corruption on the array and suggested a restore from backup.

I'm not eager to do this since this is a production system that seems to be running fine. (Suse Linux 9.2). HP is apparently unwilling to offer any advice or assistance beyond shipping parts.

Does anyone know of a method where I could insert a 3rd drive, make a filesystem copy to the 3rd drive, then use this to replace the mirrored pair ?? Then add a 2nd drive back in to end up with a mirror. How do you tell the controller to turn off the warning LED and assume the disks are good ??

Don M.
Honored Contributor

Re: data corruption on P400 RAID10 array ??

My advice:

First: Backup your system or ensure backups are good and running.

But questions though, how is your mirrored pair used? Do you only have one logical drive carved out of it for the OS alone and your data/apps filesystems are also on the same drive?

If your apps and data are on a separate logical drive out of the same mirrored pair and on its own LVM VG - then you can do as you think. Plug in 2 drives, use ACU to create a new logical drive and do a pvmove of the filesystems over to the new drive.

The OS drive unfortunately you'll have to deal with with a possible "rebuild" and restore of the OS.

If after the mirror rebuild your P400 bios is still reporting issues - then press on HP for resolution of the rAID issue. It could be the drives are at an offending firmware with the P400....

Good Luck.
Hakuna Matata.