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decrypt password from /tcb/auth/file

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decrypt password from /tcb/auth/file

Hi Expert,

Is it possible to decrypt password from /tcb/auth/file in a trusted HPUX box? If

Thanks and Regards,
Pankaj Roy
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Re: decrypt password from /tcb/auth/file


its /tcb/files/auth and not tcb/auth/file

suppose if u want to edit pwd for pankaj

go to
#cd tcb/files/auth/p
#vi pankaj ( username)

edit upwd from = to :

otherwise u can edit /etc/secureety/default file and change the min history depth


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Re: decrypt password from /tcb/auth/file

This is a similar post, what you are looking for.

Attachment was removed due to security reason. You may ask him personally.
Patrick Wallek
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Re: decrypt password from /tcb/auth/file

No, it is not possible to decrypt passwords. Passwords are a 'hash', which is a one-way encryption function.

When you log in, the password you enter is hashed and the resulting value compared with what is stored. If they match, you are good.

The value stored in /etc/passwd or /tcb/files/* or /etc/shadow is never "decrypted" once it has been "encrypted" (hashed).
Ismail Azad
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Re: decrypt password from /tcb/auth/file


This depends on which encryption algorithm is being done on the O.S if it's DES or SHA512, the latter for which you would need an extra bundle and this can be identified if you see two dollar symbols in the ciphertext. Now, it's not possible to decrypt the password but making the password visible can allow a hacker to compare the encrypted password with the dictionary and in the worst case successfully "guess" the password which is the reason for which we have /etc/shadow and in your case the trusted system. Don't forget to assign points to those who have taken the time to help you out. :)

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