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delete disk from vpar

Andy Kosela
Frequent Advisor

delete disk from vpar

I need to create second vpar but unfortunately all my disks are already in first vpar.
Now is it possible to delete a disk from a running vpar?

vpar1:~# vparmodify -p vpar1 -d io:0/0/2/0.2.0
vparmodify: Error: Virtual partition vpar1 must be in the Down state.

But how in "down" state I can delete such disk. MON> interface do not have vparmodify.
Duncan Edmonstone
Honored Contributor

Re: delete disk from vpar

I think we established in your other thread that both these disks are on the same LBA anyway, so you can't take one out and put it in another vPar.

If it were on a different thread and you only had 1 vPar, you'd need to reboot to nPar mode in order to make the change, as you can't add/remove IO whilst vPars are running.




Acclaimed Contributor

Re: delete disk from vpar

Hi Andy,

it is always a problem if you tell all the details in a thread and then continue in another thread without all the details or a reference.

In your rp5470 (BTW the lowest end for vPar supported servers) all internal disks are connected to the same dual channel controller.

This controller can only be part of a single vPar, hence all internal disks are part of the same vPar.

Even the console is connected to this LBA, so everything "under" this LBA must be part of your first vPar.

Hope this helps!

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