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dell tape drive is not working in tru64 unix


dell tape drive is not working in tru64 unix

Please help in this problem...

Previously we have a DEC tape drive and now its not working...
So our compant puchased a new tape drive of DELL Model:PV122T
after running the command "hwmgr v d "

its detecting the tape drive but tape backup is not working....

the out put is below.......but it is not working....

qvces40#tar -cvf /dev/ntape/tape15_d1 /etc
tar: cannot open /dev/ntape/tape15_d1: No such device or address

qvces40#hwmgr v d
HWID: Device Name Mfg Model Location
3: scp (unknown) (unknown)
4: /dev/kevm
17: /dev/cport/scp0 SWXCR xcr0
18: /dev/disk/dsk0c SWXCR ctlr-0-unit-0
19: /dev/disk/dsk1c SWXCR ctlr-0-unit-1
20: /dev/disk/dsk2c SWXCR ctlr-0-unit-2
21: /dev/disk/dsk3c SWXCR ctlr-0-unit-3
22: /dev/disk/dsk4c SWXCR ctlr-0-unit-4
23: /dev/disk/dsk5c SWXCR ctlr-0-unit-5
24: /dev/disk/dsk6c SWXCR ctlr-0-unit-6
50: /dev/disk/floppy0c 3.5in floppy fdi0-unit-0
55: /dev/disk/cdrom0c COMPAQ CRD-8402B bus-2-targ-0-lun-0
78: /dev/ntape/tape12 DEC TZ89 (C) DEC bus-0-targ-5-lun-0
80: /dev/ntape/tape14 DEC TZ89 (C) DEC bus-0-targ-5-lun-0
81: /dev/ntape/tape15 BNCHMARK VS640 bus-0-targ-6-lun-0

also checked the command...
qvces40#scu scan edt
and then
qvces40#scu show edt

CAM Equipment Device Table (EDT) Information:

Bus/Target/Lun Device Type ANSI Vendor ID Product ID Revision N/W
-------------- ----------- ------ --------- ---------------- -------- ---
0 6 0 Sequential SCSI-2 BNCHMARK VS640 5032 W
0 6 1 Changer SCSI-2 BNCHMARK VS640 5032 W
2 0 0 CD-ROM SCSI-2 COMPAQ CRD-8402B 1.03 N

hp ux csa
Rob Leadbeater
Honored Contributor

Re: dell tape drive is not working in tru64 unix


More than likely there are no definitions for that particular tape device in /etc/ddr.dbase

I haven't got a v5 box to play with at present, but you should be able to take the definitions for a similar tape drive, and substitute the various vendor IDs etc to get it to work.