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/dev/root file system meta data read error

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/dev/root file system meta data read error

Hi ,


I am on superdome 9000/800/SD64A, OS version 11.23.

I am getting below message under my syslog.


Jan 23 15:16:24 bhpind3 vmunix: msgcnt 1 vxfs: mesg 037: vx_metaioerr - vx_dirlook - /dev/root file system meta data read error in block 120096
Jan 23 15:16:24 bhpind3 vmunix: msgcnt 3 vxfs: mesg 008: vx_direrr: vx_dirlook_4 - / file system dir inode 85 block 12194 dirent inode 4535 error 6


Please suggest , how can I clear it?


Re: /dev/root file system meta data read error

Not good... often means a failing/failed disk... is it mirrored?


Anyway, first things to look at - Identify the disk in question. Looks like its the disk with your root filesystem on it, so although it's saying /dev/root here, it is probably /dev/vg00/vlol3 (mount -p will tell you). Check which disk that lvol is on using "lvlnboot -v vg00" and then see if you can read from the disk without error:


dd if=/dev/dsk/c#t#d# of=/dev/null bs=64k


If you can, you could try a full fsck and se eif that fixes it:


fsck -F vxfs -y -o full /dev/vg##/lvol##


If the dd fails or the fack fails, I suspect you need to look at replacing the root disk - time to read this: