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Re: email script help needed

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Shar Hunter
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email script help needed

I have a Progress driven application running on HPUX 11.

The application has the ability to send data to what it calls a printer. But all it really does is call a unix print command. I found that I can insert any unix command and it will run. So I started messing with scripts to achieve various goals.

The latest one is to take the standard output, write it to a file, then afterwards send the file as an attachment in an email.

I managed to get it to work, but not quite right. Now it is over my head. The problem is that the script sends out the email to 2 recipients. One is the one I intend the other is a default email address based on the user who invokes the script. I do not want to email going to anywhere other then the single email address that I define inside the script. The other problem is that the 'from' address is incorrect. I want to be able to define the 'from' address, so the receiver of the email can respond.

The email is generated in unix, sending output generated in a Progress application. But the reply address should not be back to the unix box, but instead a definable email address of a specific user.

I am including the script for you all to look at, and give any suggestions.


I hope this is clear as mud. ..
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Marco Paganini
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Re: email script help needed

Hello Troy.

One way is to use sendmail directly. Here's how: Suppose you want to send a file named "TEST" to and as if coming from You can do something like that:


echo "From:" >>$temp
echo "To:," >>$temp
echo "Subject: This is the subject" >>$temp
echo "" >>$temp
cat $temp TEST | /usr/sbin/sendmail -t
rm -f $temp

You can even do it without intermediate files. All you need are your standard RFC822 headers (From, To, Subject) and a blank line before the mail itself. Sendmail will do the rest for you. Also note that this will only work if the sending user is a 'trusted' user (see /etc/

Hope it helps,
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Shar Hunter
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Re: email script help needed

Thanks a lot!

This is a perfect example of why I always look for help here! It is fast and efficient.

The suggestion worked perfectly. We just added email ability to our old clunky application - no need for the expensive upgrade now!

ha ha.

Thanks. This solution is exactly what I needed.
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Joe Gilligan
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Re: email script help needed

Troy, I was looking through, and noticed your issue was very similar to one I'm facing. If you don't mind my asking what progress DB product are you using?


Joe Gilligan
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Shar Hunter
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Re: email script help needed

Sure no prob.

We are using Trend, which is now called Nxtrend.

It is a wholesale warehousing application designed to handle inventory and sales.

I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore.