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ems question

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ems question

Hi looks like the ems related process is taking lot of memory in my system. Is it ok if turn of the ems notification.
when i did i got the message below.
root@host:/sbin/init.d #/sbin/init.d/ems stop
This script does not stop the EMS Services
Do not run this script manually from the command line prompt.
EMS monitors may not behave as expected.
If you have performed this action already, execute the command
/usr/bin/rm -f /var/stm/data/tools/monitor/.system_shutdown_ems
You can ignore this message in /etc/rc.log and /etc/rc.log.old
root@host:/sbin/init.d #
is it safe to execute the command /usr/bin/rm -f /var/stm/data/tools/monitor/.system_shutdown_ems

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Michal Kapalka (mikap)
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Re: ems question

hi navin,

check this link :

a specially a advice from : Yogeeraj