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Super Advisor


Dear All,

Just 1 month ago i have created a volumegroup under that i have created only 1 LV.
Now i have noticed that under /etc/lvmtab file there are some typo characters. Can anyone suggest me how can i remove them and if there are any null characters what will be the impact?

Pls find the output of /etc/lvmtab file:

Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

Check below thread.

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Johnson Punniyalingam
Honored Contributor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

Your "/etc/lvmtab" -> looks perfectly normal

.. :)

BTW :- You are in Singapore ?? I thought we all in still in CNY -> hoilday ..:)
Problems are common to all, but attitude makes the difference
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

you have to check lvmtab with strings and not cat.
#strings /etc/lvmtab

Its fine with some bogus characters.

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Super Advisor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

Yes Johnson, I am in Singapore.
Michal Kapalka (mikap)
Honored Contributor

Re: /etc/lvmtab


its a normal format of /etc/lvmtab.

Jupinder Bedi
Respected Contributor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

Hello SS ,
I believe you are doing cat to see the file . you can see as follows :

strings /etc/lvmtab

also your file is perfect
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Acclaimed Contributor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

Remember this is a binary file!

man strings

Hope this helps!

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Re: /etc/lvmtab


your /etc/lvmtab entry haven't any problem.
This is the normal format of /etc/lvmtab.
I thing that you are confussed with K]1? entry.

This all Luns are from storage.May be due to that the entry is there.No need to worry about that. I think that there may be no problem for your filesystems in that vg.

R.K. #
Honored Contributor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

Hello SS,

First of all, it is not a normal file that we can simply do "more", "cat", "vi" etc on it.
So "strings" is used to get info out of it.

# If FIRST FOUR characters are readable it will be printed to the output.

>> K]1?
These are exactly four characters.

So, as said, no need to worry about it.

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Super Advisor

Re: /etc/lvmtab

Thank you all for your suggestions. I am ignoring this.

Thank you!!