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export command cannot function in 10g

khairul anuar h
Occasional Visitor

export command cannot function in 10g


I need some help for this problem. Actually, it's successful in 9i but not in 10g.

vc_command := 'export ORACLE_HOME=/oraias/mid ; /oraias/mid/bin/exp '||vc_user||'/'||vc_pwd||'@'||vc_db||' file='||vc_loc||'/' ||vc_file_name||'.dmp '||'log='||vc_loc||'/'||vc_file_name||'.log owner='||vc_user||' compress=n statistics=none consistent=y buffer=50000000 > /oraias/mid/forms/speks/admin/host_result.txt';

Thank you.
Kapil Jha
Honored Contributor

Re: export command cannot function in 10g

I think you should use a colon ':' instead of ";" semi colon in export command.

By the way "vc_command :=" I did not get what does this mean..which command worked on 9i and not in 10g.

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Hein van den Heuvel
Honored Contributor

Re: export command cannot function in 10g

Export works in 10g. Period, case closed.
If it does not appear to work in your environment, then there is something wrong in your environment. Period. No doubts.

So let's try to find out what is wrong.

First, what is the (exact!) error message?!
That's often a major clue, when carefully studied.

What appears to be happening?
Is anthing written to any of the 3 outpur files?
.DMP ... how big does it get?
.LOG ... indicates... ?
.TXT ... tells you that... ?

What is in the attachement? I don't recognize it. Maybe someone smarter than me can, but PLEASE consider just attaching a SIMPLE TEXT FILE !!
No screen shots, jpegs, .doc file or other windoze gizmo's just the fact 'mam. No more, no less. Ascii text is best for that. Soletime a .zip file is needed, but that woudl suggest too much info for helpful folks providing free advice to deal with.

If this was my problem I would start with checking all the paths. Are all those directores wtill valid after the upgrade?

Can you run a simple SQLplus in a similar environment? Is the username/password combo still valid?

Good luck!