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fbackup a directory without files inside

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fbackup a directory without files inside


I wonder if it is possible with fbackup to backup a directory without backing up files inside ?

My problem is quiet simple : I have to backup a whole tree, but in that tree I have some directories that store ephemeral files. I don't need to backup these kind of files. More, fbackup complains about files that have disappeared between the beginning of the backup and the moment fbackup wants to backup the files. Not a problem, but it pollutes my logs.

So I could use the exclude flag "-e" on that directories. Yes, but if I choose to work this way, I will have to create manually these directories after restoring the archive because the directories are not present in the archive. I don't want to do that. Just because it want to avoid any "exception" regarding other restore procedures.

I could try to exclude all files with a wildcar, but it simply doesn't work. For example -e "pendig/*" or -e pending/*

I could try do create a graph file with an exclude flag for each files under the directory.  Yes but after the creation of the graph file, new files will appear in the directory.

I have tried several approachs without any succes.

I am sure that cpio would be a better approach because we have to pipe to cpio the whole listing of the inodes to save. So it's easier to filter. But I have some files bigger than 2 GB and the HP-UX incarnation of cpio is limited to 2 GB.

Any idea ?

Thanks in advance