installing bundles

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installing bundles


When applying a GOLD_QPK bundle, is it best to boot the server in single user and apply the patch?
Fabian Briseño
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Re: installing bundles

Not necesseraly, I once applied a Gold_Qpk and I was not in single user mode, What I did was schedule a time when the system had hardly any load (applicattion or user wise), and everything was fine. Although it is preferable to do patching when the system is not in use.

remember to do a backup of your information (Database, applicattions, etc)

Do an ignite backup, (So you have some insurance)

And remember that you have to rebbot your server after the Gold_Qpk is installed.

If you want further info go to the links below.
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Sandy Chen
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Re: installing bundles


No need to do this on single user mode. Just stop all you application and database before you start patching. And make sure you have appropriate backup, Ignite is important here.

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Bob E Campbell
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Re: installing bundles

If one felt compelled to quiet the system to that level I would recommend shutting down to rather than booting to single-user mode. SD-UX isn't happy without networking.

In general, it is enough to halt applications and install the QPK bundles with the "-x patch_match_target=true" option.
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Re: installing bundles

I would suggest to bring it to run level2; lpshut,/usr/dt/bin/dtconfig -d,dtconfig -kill,cmhaltpkg,cmhaltnode(which ever is applibale";patch; and reboot