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kctune for filecache_max

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Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

kctune for filecache_max

Hello everyone,

I am looking to change the kernel parameter for filecache_max and filecache_min. If I use smh it tells me that it is an (Automatic) parameter. What is the correct syntax for kctune to change this. I want to change them to a fixed percentage.


System: rx3600
OS: HP-UX 11.31

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Re: kctune for filecache_max

filecache_max(5) says you need to add a "%":
kctune filecache_min=5%
kctune filecache_max=13%
Sajjad Sahir
Honored Contributor

Re: kctune for filecache_max

Dear Friend

before doing just read it

It is recommended that these tunables are left in the automatic (default) state, to allow the system to better balance the memory usage among filesystem I/O-intensive processes and other types of processes.

filecache_min: approximately 5% of physical memory

filecache_max: approximately 50% of physical memory

The defaults are computed and adjusted automatically, based on the amount physical memory on the system.

The current default value, when displayed by kctune, will be expressed as the current value used internally by the system (representing bytes). The displayed value will vary as the internal value is automatically adjusted.

The command is

# kctune filecache_min=10% filecache_max=13

thanks and regards

Sajjad Sahir
Timothy P. Jackson
Valued Contributor

Re: kctune for filecache_max

Thanks for your responses!

I have 16gig of physical memory so there is no way I need 8 gig of it taken up by filecache. I have tuned this down before, I just couldn't remember the correct syntax.

Thanks again!