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kernel components

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kernel components

How can I recognize the kernel components in curentli used kernel (True64UNIX 5.1A)? I wont upgrede to 5.1B and I don't know what optional kernel components should I use.
Venkatesh BL
Honored Contributor

Re: kernel components

/sbin/init.d/autosysconfig list

...will give the list of dynamic kernel subsystems. See the manpage for more info.
Ross Minkov
Esteemed Contributor

Re: kernel components

The sysconfig command is used to query or modify the kernel subsystem configuration. Use this command to add subsystems to your running kernel, reconfigure subsystems already in the kernel, ask for information about (query) subsystems in the kernel, and unconfigure and remove subsystems from the kernel.

A subset of kernel subsystems can be managed using the sysconfig command. This command allows you to add and remove loadable subsystems from the running kernel. It also allows you to modify the value of subsystem attributes if the subsystem supports run-time modifications.

You can also use the dxkerneltuner application to modify the value of subsystem attributes. This application provides a graphical user interface for tuning kernel subsystems. For more information, see dxkerneltuner(8).

Fot example to display all the subsystems configured in the local kernel, enter:
# sysconfig -s