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keyboard backspace problem

Regular Advisor

keyboard backspace problem



when i press backspace the keyboard

its not delete the line or words

when i press SHIFT+backspace its deletes


it is possible only press backspace delete words or line whithout press SHIFT.


(i access the servers remotly via PUTTY(ssh))



aamir uddin

Re: keyboard backspace problem

>when I press backspace the keyboard its not delete the line or words


Backspace only deletes one char.  Why would you want it to do more?

I think control-W deletes a word but I never use it.


And the KILL character will delete the whole line.  (See stty for yours.)

Bill Hassell
Honored Contributor

Re: keyboard backspace problem

PuTTY has a very poor default for the key to erase one character -- it is the DELETE key. Now for Tru64/VMS and other DEC variants, this is perfectly acceptable, but for the rest of us, PuTTY must be reconfigured. It's the first change needed among several.In the PuTTY config menu:


Terminal ---> Keyboard ---> The Backspace Key ---> Control-H    
   (was Control-?, the DELETE key)

 So while we're at it, let's fix all the other settings for a more useful terminal emulator:


Session ---> Close Window on Exit: Always

  Window  ---> Columns: 132  Rows: 48
    (your choice, but 80 is too small for logs and ioscan)

Lines of Scrollback  ---> 50000

  Appearance  ---> Cursor appearance: Block
                           Cursor blinks

  Font: Lucida Console, 10-point
    (or Courier, personal choice, 10 point or adjust to fit screen size)

  Font quality: Clear Type

  Colours: Font default is gray!! (182, not 255)
    Set Foreground = 255 255 255
    Set Background = personal choice
    (note: Bold = 255, so bold enhancements
     will be the same)



Bill Hassell, sysadmin
Regular Advisor

Re: keyboard backspace problem

Thanks for great advice.


But I want to simple delete word or character via BACKSPACE key.


is any setting on PUTTY or HP-UX OS.



aamir uddin
Frequent Advisor

Re: keyboard backspace problem

This is the setting of Putty , Use latest version of putty & do the following setting in putty
Terminal ---> Keyboard ---> The Backspace Key ---> Backspace key in Keyboard. by default it is set Ctrl+h to delete a character ,. But you can change it to backspace.
Basant Sharma