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George N

local startup script?

Hello, on my Linux systems, there is a local startup script that gets executed on system bootup after all the normal rc scripts have been run. The purpose of the local script is for the system administrator to add any additional commands he wants to run automatically when the system boots up.

Does HP-UX have anything similar? Lets say I want to do something simple every time I boot my system, like touch a file. Do I have to go to trouble of writing an entire custom rc script to run this one touch command? Or is there a good script already there where I can just add in this one command?

James R. Ferguson
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Re: local startup script?

Hi George:

HP-UX does it a little differently than Linux, although you will see great similarity.

Look at the manpages for 'rc(1M)' for the rules of configuration.

Be sure to copy and use '/sbin/init.d/template' as the model for your start/stop needs.


George N

Re: local startup script?

The template was ok, but it was more useful to copy the existing /sbin/init.d/secsh script and modify that for my needs, then create the symbolic links in /sbin/rc3.d