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lock/unlock account programmatically time lag issue

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lock/unlock account programmatically time lag issue

We use HP Select Access, built upon an ADAM instance, provide all the necessary user identity management features. My task is to lock/unlock account programmatically from my C# applicaiton by simulating the lockout behavior of HP Select Access.

When I try bad password 3 times from HP Select Access login screen, the account is locked, two attributes which don't have values before are having values now. For example, nxAccountDisableTime is set to "20090416173841Z", nxPasswordFailedLogins is set to "3". After account is unlocked automatically by HP Select Access, the values of these two attributes are cleared again.

In my C# application, to lock an account, I set the account attributes as following:

nxAccountDisableTime: current time stamp
nxPasswordFailedLogins: 3

To unlock an account, clear values for both attributes:


Basically, both lock/unlock work this way, but there seems to be a time lag( for example, 1 second ) before taking effect. Could you please explain this time lag to me?

Appreciate your help.