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lpsched: Insufficient memory to execute printer interface program.

Steven Sobkowski
Occasional Advisor

lpsched: Insufficient memory to execute printer interface program.



model: 9000/800/rp8420  HP-UX B.11.23 U 9000/800 1608833089 unlimited-user license

Has anyone ever seen the error above in the /usr/spool/lp/log file. 


On this server, the error logs over and over whenever a print request is sent to any printer on the box and the job stays stuck in the printers queue and needs to be cancelled.


I do not believe the printers ever worked on the system since it is just starting to be used (being migrated to).


There are no memory constraints on the box at all and the kernel params look good.  I have bounced the schduleder a few times to no avail. 


I do not know how the defined printers were placed on the server but I noticed this issue when I was trying to get a few zebra printers working - however it appears to be happening for any and all the printers on the box.


Hoping some else out there may have seen this before. Here is some lpsched info:


which lpsched
what /usr/sbin/lpsched
        $Revision: 92453-07 linker linker crt0.o B.11.16.01 030415 $
         lpsched.c $Date: 2008/02/19 15:09:44 $Revision: r11.23/9 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_36976)
         outlist.c $Date: 2005/10/24 05:22:27 $Revision: r11.23/1 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_34021)
         $Revision: @(#) lp R11.23_BL2009_0129_1 PATCH_11.23 PHCO_38580
         lpio.c $Date: 2008/01/10 10:53:37 $Revision: r11.23/4 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_36976)
         pstatus.c $Date: 2005/04/19 02:41:58 $Revision: r11.23/1 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_32770)
         outputq.c $Date: 2007/06/28 13:33:13 $Revision: r11.23/5 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_36440)
         genfuns.c $Date: 2008/07/28 15:01:53 $Revision: r11.23/4 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_38580)
         sendmail.c $Date: 2004/11/24 01:35:26 $Revision: r11.23/1 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_32278)
         qstatus.c $Date: 2005/04/19 02:42:15 $Revision: r11.23/1 PATCH_11.23 (PHCO_32770)




Steven Sobkowski
Occasional Advisor

Re: lpsched: Insufficient memory to execute printer interface program.

Actually we think we found the fix for this.  The app folks had CNTRL-M's in their print scripts which were ftp'd from blasted windows box.  Once the CNTRL'M's were stripped the memory errors stopped.  Still stuck jobs - but that I can deal with now that the memory error junk is gone.