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migration from existing server to new server

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migration from existing server to new server

hi techies..
hp-ux migration from existing server to new server..let me give u brief scenario..
i'm having rx3600(hp-ux 11.31)server with no cluster and no san disk attached but it has oracle 10g and java 1 & 2 and local disks i want to move all this information,data and everything to new server rx7640(partition-2)16gb memory 146gb hdd..
please your step by step guidance will be appreciated help me out...please dont provide me with any links...
Thanks and Regards.
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Re: migration from existing server to new server

Log into the expert-on-demand server and execute this command:

copy_mach -s rx3600 -d rx7640 \
-incl ALL \
-errorfree \
-award_points NO \
-immediate_response_requested YES

...but seriously....

Here's an overview at about 20k feet:

1) get new machine running w/ target OS and optional application software
2) duplicate FS config from old to new.
3) shutdown Oracle and all apps on old
4) copy files from old FS to new FS
can use whatever tool you like:
example: on new machine do this:
cd /target/fs
remsh old -n 'cd /target/fs;tar cvf - .|gzip -1' | gzip -d |tar xvf -
5) do step 4 for all filesystems on old machine. Run several in parallel.
5.5) migrate conf of old to new:
/etc/passwd, /etc/group, /etc/*.conf, /etc/oratab, and so on.
5.7) get the crontab files
6) start testing