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mount -F vxfs /dev/ORAVG02/c03 /c03 messages

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mount -F vxfs /dev/ORAVG02/c03 /c03 messages



When i created a new divice file

mknod /dev/ORAVG02/rc03 c 64 0x080001

mknod /dev/ORAVG02/c03 b 64 0x080001

and after creating mount the file system 

its shows the error message. 


mount -F vxfs /dev/ORAVG02/c03 /c03


vxfs mount: V-3-20003: Cannot open /dev/ORAVG02/c03: No such device or address vxfs mount: V-3-24996: Unable to get disk layout version


What is aproblem.

aamir uddin
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Re: mount -F vxfs /dev/ORAVG02/c03 /c03 messages

It is VERY CONFUSING if you always open a new thread regarding the same problem!



Just creating the special files DOEWS NOT create the LVOL in this VG - hence there is no disk behind this special file.


Compare with


# vgdisplay -v  /dev/ORAVG02


Is the LVOl c03 listed???

Hope this helps!

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