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passwd file

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Frequent Advisor

passwd file

what does the meaning of * in the password file after the login name?


Patrick Wallek
Honored Contributor

Re: passwd file

'man 4 passwd' will tell you what the fields in the /etc/passwd file are.

That is where the encrypted password would be. There are 3 possible for the encrypted password to NOT be there:

1) The systems is trusted, so the encrypted password is in the /tcb/files/auth/*/username file. (Where '*' is the first letter of the 'username' and 'username' is the actual user name.)

2) The system is using a shadow file and the password is actually in /etc/shadow.

3) The password is set to '*' intentionally effectively locking out the user.
Laurent Menase
Honored Contributor

Re: passwd file

nologin or shadow password
if the system is trusted, then shadow
else no login
James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: passwd file


As a general comment, section-4 of the HP-UX manpages is devoted to file format descriptions. When askiung about the meaning of various fields in files, this is the best place to begin. This is why Patrick directed you to that section by issuing 'man 4 passwd'.


Frequent Advisor

Re: passwd file

Thx all