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patching question

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patching question

Hello All,
I have below questions to check with about patching 11.23 machine.
I have 2 inetrnal disks running veritas base lite.
1)Do i need to break the mirror in order for patching securely on to just one disk.
2) alternatively if i do it in single user - there wont be veritas running ..right ?
3) Can i use swa tool to patch the system in single user
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James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: patching question

Hi Navin:

#1 - Although the risk of incident is low, some folks prefer to take this step as extra insurance.

#3 - SWA handles patch analysis and collection. _You_ (not it) initiate the actual 'swinstall' session using the depot built by SWA. SWA needs networking up and hence you can't use it in single-user mode.

If you want to more safely patch, DRD is what you need to use:


Bob E Campbell
Honored Contributor

Re: patching question

2) SD is requires networking support. For this reason if you choose to install in single user mode you should enter it from a fully running system being shut down to that state. That should leave the network (and probably Veritas) in a useable state.

That said, we do our installation testing on fully booted systems so the safety you gain is probably lost by performing an untested action.