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printing and PATH help

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printing and PATH help


I have posted a message for an Oracle8 user can't use lp to print a file, but can do so by providing a full path.

I look at the $PATH, can't find problem on why. In the meanwhile, I have hpnp core dump periodically and my posting message has not got any attention from HP guru for a month. By echo $PATH, I find sth may be wrong. I would list it for you to inspect and help me to solve two problems: 1) lp must use path; 2) hpnp path has // instead of / (how can I fix it?).

Here is the PATH:


Please note: /op/hpnp//bin:, it got to be one /. It is from HP when they installed OS for us two years ago and core dump occured HP cannot find what is wrong. The matter now is how I can fix it.

Please help.

Very appreciated.

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Re: printing and PATH help

On an HPUX machine the system path is defined in /etc/PATH. I reported this // issue to HP quite some time ago (about 2 years) and I'm not sure if the latest JetAdmin software fixes it. At the time I was told that it really does not impact anything, but I went ahead and made // to / in /etc/PATH and /etc/MANPATH just to make sure. You are probably running on an ancient version so I would suggest upgrading it. The best source is If you do upgrade, make sure that the new version does not doubly define the jetadmin related directories in PATH and MANPATH (another common problem, remove the duplicate if necessary).