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problem with EVA/Cluster

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Re: problem with EVA/Cluster

Hi All and many thanks for your support,
@ g3jza in fact i got a similar output as yours when i issue fcmsutil /dev/fcd0
however, i got a different output when doing fcmsutil /dev/fcd1 that mentions:
Previous topology = UNINITIALIZED
Link Speed = UNKNOWN
Local N_Port_id is = None
Previous N_Port_id is = None
Driver state = AWAITING_LINK_UP
and this is quite normal as the FC card connected to the host has 2 ports and 1 of them is up while the second is for redundancy.
One more thing i detected the following: both of the controllers were showing defective batteries does it cause all of this?? for the hosts not detecting the disks on the bay? ioscan -fnC disk on both hosts only detects internal disks.
In addition, i tried to create a virtual disk and present it to the management server (where i installed command view) the windows server does not detect it from disk management.

Any help is much appreciated
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Re: problem with EVA/Cluster

ioscan can see LUNs of an EVA, but never disks.

If both batteries in the EVA are failed, the array just stops to present LUNs, so you cannot see the LUNs anymore. Replace the cache batteries!

Hope this helps!

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Pramod M
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Re: problem with EVA/Cluster

Go ahead with replacing cache batteries with amber LED. Below is one document for the procedure.

Hope this will help you.

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Re: problem with EVA/Cluster

Thanks for all of you
We proceeded by ordering replacement batteries; meanwhile thread closed.