rbac error

tom quach_1
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rbac error


i am configuring RBAC on hpux 11.31
for the native programs like lpfence, kill ..
it's working fine.
$privrun lpfence hp5000 6

but for third party vendor, i have some problems hope someone can help.
the program name: abortjob
the job # J230
if i run like this and connect as root
#abortjob J230
it will terminate the job. but if i assign to a user then it seems that it could not find the path
su - tom
$privrun abortjob J230
and here are errors:
/users/lee/src/mpe/bin/sje[26]: /SECURE/sje.guts: not found.
/users/lee/src/mpe/bin/sjj[3]: /sje: not found.
/users/lee/src/mpe/bin/sjj[5]: /sjsched: not found.
Cannot find job J373 to abort

the root user has all the path to the programs. so i am not sure why it could not fine the PATH of these programs.
Can anyone give some suggestions.
Thanks in advance.

Michael Mike Reaser
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Re: rbac error

These commands and scripts are the Intellectual Property of Southeastern Data Cooperative, Inc. of Tucker, GA, USA - http://www.sedata.com

It would appear that some, if not all, of the environment variables expected by the SEDC scripts have not been properly set by your "su -".

Since you're using a "lee" directory structure, I presume you obtained these scripts and commands from iMaxsoft http://www.imaxsoft.com ?

You'll need to contact either iMaxsoft or SEDC - whichever company provided you with these - for assistance with the SEDC scripts, commands, and setup. If you obtained these from iMaxsoft, I'd recommend touching base with either Lee Tsai or Steven Tsung; if SEDC, call 770-414-8400 and ask for the Systems and Networking department.

Mike, a former employee of SEDC who is well-acquainted with the original author of all of these referenced commands and scripts...
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tom quach_1
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Re: rbac error

Thanks Mike,