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rc script for drd sync

Occasional Advisor

rc script for drd sync

Hi All I am upgrading OS to March 2015 using DRD clone.

After taking DRD clone I will be executing drd sync to update if any files from activte system image.

Here I need to set up a rc script to run drd sync for all MOunt points in vg00.

I have taken the sample script from admin guide.


# synchronize source root group with cloned root group
# drd-sync(1M).
export PATH
set_return() {
if [ $1 -ne 0 ]; then
echo $2
case $1 in
echo "Running drd sync to synchronize cloned root file systems"
Using the drd sync preview to determine divergence of the clone from the booted system 29
# Synchronize the source disk with the cloned system
drd mount >/dev/null 2>&1 # Ignore errors, may already be mounted.
drd sync
set_return $sync_ret "ERROR: Return code from drd sync is $sync_ret"
rm -f $0 ${DRD_MOUNT_PT}$0 > /dev/null 2>&1
[[ -x $0 ]] && \
set_return 1 "ERROR: The $0 script (on image being shut down) could not be removed."
[[ -x ${DRD_MOUNT_PT}$0 ]] && \
set_return 1 "ERROR: The ${DRD_MOUNT_PT}$0 script ($0 on clone) could not be removed."
drd umount >/dev/null 2>&1 # Ignore errors.
echo "usage: $0 { stop_msg | stop }"
exit $rval



I have other file system as below




How can i edit in the script to update drd sync for all other mount points and to set up a rc script.