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redhat linux enterprise 4 booting problem

Sandeep Daphal
Frequent Advisor

redhat linux enterprise 4 booting problem

after booting redhat linux enterprise 4 booting process start & it hange up after check storege,audio&lan divice

please help me

Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: redhat linux enterprise 4 booting problem


You need to give information about the model of the hardware and such.

Some HP based servers require you to configure disk prior to OS installation. You can not install the /boot filesystem into a raid 5 or raid 0 storage.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
Sandeep Daphal
Frequent Advisor

Re: redhat linux enterprise 4 booting problem

Model- Hp workstation xw8400


Re: redhat linux enterprise 4 booting problem

What happened on you system before the reboot? If it was booting before, it sounds like your boot loader is no longer pointing to the correct device.

Load your disc 1 installation CD and when you get to the Linux boot prompt, type in 'linux rescue'. It will ask you some initial and straight forward questions. Answer them and click continue when it asks you about mouting your /mnt/sysimage environment. You should be at a command prompt now.

chroot /mnt/sysimage /bin/bash
cd /boot/grub

In this directory there is a file called menu.lst. This file tells you what the system thinks grub root is (i.e. This is what the boot loader will use to boot or attempt to boot.) If it doesn't find the boot information that it needs on the device configured in this file then your system will hang. The entry would look like or similiar to...

root (hdx,x)

(where 'x' is some number) For example my device is (hd0,0) but that is not always the case. It's according to where your grub root is located. Is it on a partition by itself or is it on the Linux root partition?

To get your boot loader pointed back to the correct device you must communicate with grub. So, back at the command prompt, type


You're now at the grub prompt. Using the information you gathered from the menu.lst file, type this command

root (hdx,x) (where x and x is some number)
setup (hdx,x) (where x and x are those same numbers)

Now the system should reboot. Before you go through the whole process, you can go into rescue mode and gather the data from menu.lst and the output of 'fdisk -l' and post them. I am sixteen hours ahead of you so as your day starts my is ending, but I'm sure that if you post the information someone will be out there to get you going if your leary of trying this on your own.
Sandeep Daphal
Frequent Advisor

Re: redhat linux enterprise 4 booting problem

thanks for help