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remsh works but not from a script

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remsh works but not from a script


This command works right:

/usr/bin/remsh host1 "uname -a" :

/usr/bin/remsh host1 "uname -a"
SunOS host1 5.8 Generic_

..but if I execute it from inside a script:

(sleep 2
echo "uname -a"
sleep 2
echo exit
sleep 2 ) | /usr/bin/remsh host1 does not work:

Not on system console
Connection closed.

The script works in some systems and does not work in some others... What can be the problem?

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James R. Ferguson
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Re: remsh works but not from a script


What happens if you use the '-n' option>

# remsh host1 -n

See the manpages for 'remsh'.


Steven Schweda
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Re: remsh works but not from a script

> This command works right:

Then perhaps you should use a similar command
in your script, instead of one like:

| /usr/bin/remsh host1

man remsh

As I understand it, "remsh" does different
things, depending on whether you give it a
command to run. In the "works right" case,
you did. In the "does not work" case, you
didn't. One way, you get a command run. The
other way, you get an interactive session,
which, apparently, runs into more
Mel Burslan
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Re: remsh works but not from a script

Are you trying to do the poor man's version of "expect" functionality ? Otherwise I do not see any use for this method over running uname -a from a single line of remsh as in

remsh host1 uname -a

The reason you're getting the "Not on system console" messages is, most probably you are trying to login as root using a non-console device (tty/pty of some sort) and some systems are configured NOT TO allow root logins from non-console devices. Actually, it is a very good practice NOT TO let direct root logins from remsh/ssh/rlogin sessions in my opinion.
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