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root problem

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root problem

My root(hp-unxi 11.xx) has no sufficient space to boot for my mistake. Can anyone help me ?
I can't enter hp-unix to delete useless files in root .
David Willams
Super Advisor

Re: root problem

login as single user mode and extend the filesystems
Raj D.
Honored Contributor

Re: root problem


> I can't enter hp-unix to delete useless files in root .

It looks like your root filesystem is full, and you cant login to the box.

-If you have open session you can do cleanup as it is not allowing any other user to login,

- If you have rebooted the box, reboot to single user mode:
in Itanium : Iterupt boot sequence:

from HPUX> boot vmunix -is

You will get single user mode,
# vgchange -a y vg00

Mount the / , /usr/ , /var , /opt /home , do necesseery cleanup of / , where you thing the unwanted files are.

Reboot the box and check.

" If u think u can , If u think u cannot , - You are always Right . "
Michael Steele_2
Honored Contributor

Re: root problem


Note to you and 1st comment posted by David Williams regarding extending the root filesystem.

No, you can not do this. The first three logical volumes of a boot disk are contiguous (* sequential *) and MUST remain that way. Extending one would make it random and unbootable.
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