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ssh authentication from unix host to brocade san switch

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ssh authentication from unix host to brocade san switch


Hi Folks

I have configured ssh passwordless authentication from my Unix server to brocade switch, and it works fine from unix host to brocade, I have also configured ssh from switch to host OK.

I can run remote commands from my unix host to switch for example

ssh -l admin brocade_san_switch_name command (this part all works)

Note: admin user is allowed on the brocade switch for passwordless authentication by default

The problem is when I'm running from unix host configupload command to backup san config it doesn't work and bombs out with the error that connection lost as per below

Please see my command below, is there anything else I need to do or I'm missing something in the ssh configuration ?

Unixhost:/home/user$ ssh -l admin switch_hostname "configupload -scp,username,/filepath_for_backup_file
lost connection
user@unixhost$ echo $?


Any advise ? thanks in advance