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Dear all,

we are using hp-ux 11i.v3,B.11.31. in rx8640.
How can i implement passwordless ssh sessions<
can any one guide us with all details(step by step)please ......
best Regards
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: ssh

It should be pretty similar to scp and a bunch of other threads on this topic:

Re: ssh

Please try the following:
ServerA and ServerB both should run the ssh daemons.To allow ServerA to SSH to ServerB without password

Login to the source server (server A)

# ssh-keygen -t rsa

accpet all defaults sttings.

This generates two files and id_rsa

Now, needs to be appended to the authorized_keys file on ServerB

Rename this file to some other name , for identification.


copy this file to serverB.

# scp ServerB:~/.ssh/

Login to server B

move to the .ssh folder under your home directory

Take a backup of the file authorized_keys

#cp -p authorized_keys authorized_keys.backup

# cat >> authorized_keys

Now try login from server A to B

Note: If you are implementing it first time there will not be any authorized_keys file. So you can simply rename the file to authorized_keys
Repeat this process starting from server B to A to allow passwordless login from server B to A
Chandrahasa s
Valued Contributor

Re: ssh


Go through attached document.