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.tar file

Rommel T. Misa_2
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.tar file

I downloaded OnlineJFS software from DSPP but it's in tar format. I extracted the file but saw no .depot file. How could I install this in HP-UX?


Re: .tar file

You should assume that file IS a depot file and not just a tar file.
swlist -s $PWD/your-file
swinstall -s $PWD/your-file \*
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Re: .tar file

A .depot file can use either .tar or .cpio archive format. It is the special directory structure within the archive that makes it a .depot.

Looks like the HP DSPP Web server was not configured to identify .depot files specifically. It may be that the webmaster has renamed the depot using the .tar suffix to make the web server to send the file using a binary MIME type (e.g application/octet-stream) instead of a text type. When downloading a binary file, the MIME type chosen by the web server is what determines whether you'll get a download dialog or a lot of ASCII garbage in your web browser window.

Just rename the .tar file to .depot and try to use it with swinstall as usual.

(If the HP DSPP webmaster is reading this and the DSPP web server is Apache or something like it, the necessary configuration would be something like:

AddType application/octet-stream .depot

If HP knows of a more specific MIME type for .depot files, that should of course be used instead.)

Prasanth Thomas
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Re: .tar file


Please let me know the file details after you extracted the tar file.

Do you have v2 or v3 Installtion Media.

Prasanth Thomas.

Re: .tar file

>MK: A .depot file can use either .tar or .cpio archive format.

What do you know, cpio works too.
Under sd(5) and swpackage(1m) it says it can read it but nowhere does it say how to make one???