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/tcb, passwd/group file(s) related question

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john guardian
Super Advisor

/tcb, passwd/group file(s) related question

The system is 11.23 and Trusted


Is there any means (ie: modprpw/pwck, grpck etc) other than shell script to check/verify that all GIDs in the passwd file also exist in the group file?


One of the admins found a GID in a passwd file that did not exist in the /etc/group file. This system was upgraded from 11.0 to 11i-v1 then v2. Users and groups have come and gone. The system has to my knowledge always used a Trusted env.

James R. Ferguson
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: /tcb, passwd/group file(s) related question

Hi John:


I'm surprised that neither 'pwck' nor 'grpck' don't discover inconsistences.  If not, a simply script to read the GID from '/etc/passwd' and query '/etc/group' would suffice.


Since your system is trusted, I would also run 'authck -p' (or 'pwck -s' which will do that for you).





john guardian
Super Advisor

Re: /tcb, passwd/group file(s) related question

According to what the admin told me, he manually deleted a group from the /etc/group file to test. No error/missing entries info was returned.


I emailed him a simple script to capture the group fields of /etc/passwd and grep/uniq/compare to the group file, which worked. I thought I remembered the pw/grp-ck cmds working, but for his case, they didn't.