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traceroute is given warning message

Surajit Santra
Occasional Advisor

traceroute is given warning message

I have assign the replication IP (10.13.13.x this series)in lan2 and lan6 of rx3600 and rx6600 model in hp-ux 11iv2 os platform. This IP is assign for san to san replication purpose in DC(data centre-primary) to DR (data recovery centre-secondary). The host ip is assign in lan900, heartbeat ip is assign in lan901 and package ip (virtual ip) is assing in lan900:1 because the MCSG OS Cluster (active-passive failover mode)is having in this server and alos this server in production environment.
When I given traceroute 10.13.13.x from root user the traceroute is showing Warning: Multiple interfaces found; using @ lan900:1 (note the is virtual IP). So I want to know this issue?
Honored Contributor

Re: traceroute is given warning message

it just tells you that you have more then one network card and which ones he use for the trace.

You can use '-i' to specify a specific interface used in the trace.