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updating from vpar A.04.xx to A.05.xx

Deepak Seth_1
Regular Advisor

updating from vpar A.04.xx to A.05.xx

system - rx7640
3 vpars - 11.23

want to upgrade one of the vpar(2nd ) to 11.31 . Figure out that i need to upgrade the vpar s/w depot from 4x to 5x .


Any suggestions . just want to make sure its non-destruvive to existing vpar's.
Respected Contributor

Re: updating from vpar A.04.xx to A.05.xx


First step it's upgrade update-ux depot to it's lastest version. Copy HP-UX 11.31 depot and the vPars 5.x depot to the vPar and then do the upgrade:

update-ux -s :

It is destructive because it upgrades the OS.

Deepak Seth_1
Regular Advisor

Re: updating from vpar A.04.xx to A.05.xx

my plan is to save the 1st and 3rd vpar to 11.23 and just upgrade the 2nd vpar to 11.31 . Is is possible or i have to destroy the 1st vpar to get this accomplish.

Honored Contributor

Re: updating from vpar A.04.xx to A.05.xx

You have all the info here:


But you need to have your vpar monitor runing version 5x.

Windows?, no thanks
sujit kumar singh
Honored Contributor

Re: updating from vpar A.04.xx to A.05.xx


Hi the most plannable part is what backup plan you have for all the VPARS on that NPAR.

you can refer to the OS Backup strattegies in the VPAR Manual


and plan the backup strategy.

can have a look at this in the given link::
Archiving and Recovering a Virtual Partition Using Another Virtual Partition as the Ignite-UX Server
Archiving the Virtual Partitions Using a Virtual Partition as the Ignite-UX Server

can follow in the following steps:
1) take an ignite of the VPAR(vapr2) which you need to upgrage (better still if you can take entire of all the VPARS)
2)check that the MON boot path is that of the vpar2.
if not then shutdown all the VPARS and from the monitor prompt do a reboot in the NPAR mode
MON>reboot npars
once in NPAR mode, you can use the setboot for the NPAR or Parmodify to set the Boot path as to that of the vpar2.

after you have set the boot in the stable storage as that of the vpar2 then follow a reboot to VPAR mode(vparenv -m vpars) and check that the vpmon boots from that vpar2 ... that means that the vpar2 has become the first VPAR.

once booted in the VPAR mode and when all the VPARS have started

shutdown VPAR3 and let vpar1 and vpar2 running
swinstall the latest Update-UX bundle on vpar2, once installed then go for the update-ux to upgrade the OS and VparBundle 5x in the same invocation of the update-ux command

The Idea of keeping the vapr1 up is that so as to check the updat-ux status and progress while taking place on the vpar2.
the VPAR vpar2 after the upgarde shall come up.

shutdown all the VPARs and reboot the monitor in VPARS mode only

MON>reboot Vpars

check is all is OK from the First VPAR(vapr2)
#vparstatus -m
#vparstatus -t

Suggestions are welcome on this.

Deepak Seth_1
Regular Advisor

Re: updating from vpar A.04.xx to A.05.xx

thanks surjeet . good steps .
2 things
- first i need to change the MON defualt boot path from vpar1 to vpar2 . correct.Is this can only be done from MON prompt or from a running vpar also.

- i need to do a cold install of hpux 11.31 on vpar2 , just thinking that cold install will be better than upgrade . Is this possible as i first need to have the vpar a.05 depot and then only i can go on 11.31 . so cold install is not possible. correct .