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DLT7000 problems

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DLT7000 problems


have a problematic DLT7000 drive here that will not accept the tape 9 times out of 10 (and getting worse). Loading a tape only turns the reels a bit forward and then back and stays there. When it sees the tape it does a lot of examination back and forth until settling down. The drive is a library type and thus I have no frontpanel LEDS
I have noticed though that the LED:s on the PCB labeled CNT_ACT and CNT_OK doesn't lit when the drive is failing.
I tried asking support for a service manual, but to no avail. Is there anyone out there that knows what the LED:s refer to? It would limit the search area quite a bit.

Wei Jung
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Re: DLT7000 problems

Can you actually run Library and Tape tools to perform an assessment test on the drive?
Make sure it is at it's latest firmware, it can correct several mechanical issues, although it seems that the drive is breaking down.
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Re: DLT7000 problems

Cannot contact the drive any more, doesn't seem to answer to anything when the CNT_OK LED is out...
Firmware upgrade cannot be done as this is in a library and latest supported firmware is already installed.
Mark Matthews
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Re: DLT7000 problems

Do you have the latest FW on the Library OR the Drives? Or both?
They can be done seperately using Library and Tape Tools.

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Re: DLT7000 problems

Consider the drive is bad.
This could happen to an old drive ...

Hope this helps!

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