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ESL 322e SCSI resets killing backups

Occasional Contributor

ESL 322e SCSI resets killing backups

I am facing an issue with our ESL 322e tape library. Every Thursday morning at approximately 1am, I get the below errors in Data Protector backup logs and it fails all running backups.


[Major] From: BMA@apss132 "HP:Ultrium 5-SCSI_12_apss100"  Time: 12/8/2011 1:01:30 AM
[90:51]      /dev/rtape/tape24_BESTn
    Cannot write to device ([5] I/O error)


This is just an example of the error for one drive. We get this for all drives, we have 15 in this library. Since this affects all drives in the library, I am thinking this has to be a hardware issue. I have scoured the equipment looking for anything that might be doing some kind of reset every Thursday morning at 1am but I have not found anything yet.


Has anyone else faced this issue?


Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.



Bryan Quinn


Frequent Advisor

Re: ESL 322e SCSI resets killing backups

Hi Bryan,


Interesting behavior. How do you receiver from this ? Do backups start working again after a period of time ?


The behavior you are describing make me think that one of the hosts is doing some sort of diagnostics to the drives possibly event SCSI reserving them (which can be broken by SCSI Release or SCSI RESET)


We'd need a bit of info on your config to be able to brainstorm this with a bit more focus.

- SAN - how it is set up ?

- What OS's are playing in the SAN ?

- Zoning - Are you using Single-initiator zoning or do you have multiple hosts per zone ?

- Are you CV-TL Secure Manager ?


A good start to investigations is the EBS Design Guide (here:


Also, a HP Library and tape Tools suppert ticket of the ESL-E and drives will hold a SCSI history which could help us shed light on the situation.


So, thanks for some additional detail you could share. Have a read through the EBS manual as well, it does have usefull information.


happy 2012 !




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Re: ESL 322e SCSI resets killing backups

Hello Eric,


Sorry, for whatever reason I never got an email saying someone had responded to this question.


I am still having the problem every Thursday morning at 1am and also now at 5am. I will get together the information you requested and post it this afternoon.




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Re: ESL 322e SCSI resets killing backups

The LTO-5 drives are directly SAN connected to an external switch right? Single or dual connected (1 or 2 cables per drive)?

The host is hp-ux 11.31?

Hope this helps!

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Dennis Handly
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Re: ESL 322e SCSI resets killing backups

> I never got an email saying someone had responded to this question.


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