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Newbie using Data Protector Express

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Newbie using Data Protector Express


I'm configuring Data Protector Express for the 1st time using a DATA72.
I want: have 5 tapes, one for each workday, in rotation, doing incremental backup.
I've unable to configure the software to do that. I've tried using Custom Rotation (using 5) and Day Copy but it seems that it is expecting for tapes during the weekend. When I arrive on monday it is busy. Also I delete th jobs from homepage but when I reenter the application they are there.

Please help me using this program.

Leif Halvarsson_2
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Re: Newbie using Data Protector Express

Data Protector Express ?

I belive it is a bundled, limited version of the standard Data Protector.

In DP an incremental backup must refer to a protected Full backup. When is the full backup run (perhaps the first day every week).

If DP Express works as standard DP, you skuld set Media pool policy to "Non-appendable" and protection to 6 days.

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Re: Newbie using Data Protector Express

From what you've said:

- I must create a full backup (eg on Saturday) on one tape (weekly schedule) ?
- Then I must use incremental for tuesday to thursday on a daily basis ?

How do I configure this ? How do I avoid the program to search for the tape eg on friday ?

By the way I'm using DPExpress for Single Server Edition.