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Configure port forwarding in X505

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Configure port forwarding in X505

Hello, To be able to login to my work PC that is natted at the 3COM X505, do I first create a virtual server using the public IP and the natted IP?

Then do I create a permit firewall rule for WAN to LAN? TIA, Taneyville



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Re: Configure port forwarding in X505

Yes, that's correct. Be sure to keep the rule locked down to VNC, RDP or whatever service you are using port only.

However, personally I wouldn't recommend this, especially not to the LAN zone. I'd favor using RDP/VNC via secure VPN connection or a service such as LogMeIn which doesn't require any firewall config and uses SSL. However, that's preference. I'm a little concerned about having remote desktop ports open through the firewall because it's a security exposure.

Make sure your password is strong.

That's about it!

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